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We are a Community Based Organisation from Entebbe in Uganda,East Africa. You can call us SHELTER, HEALTH and EDUCATION or just S.H.E. for short.

We started once as a women saving Group founded by Esther Wamala, a Nurse, and Ann Grace Timat, a teacher. From there in 2008 we constantly moved Forward to promote women and their lives concerning shelter, health and education.

Today we Sponsor ecologically friendly constructions of Homes, health Centers and Schools, we improve potable water supply and therefore health by constructing rain harvesting Systems, installing filters and pumps. We help with sponsorships to improve education on Secondary School Level, University, vocational Training and learning languages. come and join us.

Our Programs

Student Loans

A biennal financial assistance package is extended to female University students who have successfully completed the first academic year with promising results. It covers upto 50% of both tuition and living costs.


Young vibrant and ambitious professionals who have learned some level of the German language can get sponsorships to get more exposure in Germany. This is in co-operation with Welt Weit.

Small Scale Loans

We support women with small business loans of upto Two Hundred Thousand Shillings (UGX 200,000) under the condition that they payback in installments of no less than Twenty Thousand Shillings (UGX 20,000).

Au Pair

Au Pair is voluntary exchange program in which youngsters and students to live and study in Germany for uptp 1 year. Alll costs covered by the volunteers family.


We provide a number of education and training programs in specific vocational fields and tourism to improve skill sets of enrolled individuals.

Engineering Services

Our projects that how to improve housing facilities and the economical use of water are made possible in cooperation with "miteinander-weltweit e.V."

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Project Stories

Esther Wamala

We always draw inspiration from the story of our dear founder Esther. Read the story of her awe-inspiring journey here.

Rain Water Harvesting Project

This project kick-started in 2013. The Kayongo family approached SHE with a well-planned written proposal which we analyzed and agreed to take part in with the intervention of WELTWEIT e.V who also provided their engineering skills to make that happen. Reinforcement of the project started in September 2014 till its final stage in 2015. There was a lot needed to see to it that the project is a success; below is a detailed report
  • The 20.000 litre tank construction took 3M UGX
  • The water pump cost 400.000ugx
  • The gutters were bought at 1M ugx<
  • The water filter “Paul” cost 4M UGX (micro-filtering by gravitation technology provided by the Germany university of KASSL)
  • The Kayongo family injected an investment of around 1.5M UGX
  • We also provided labor
Generally, this project amounted to around 10M UGX. The area where this tank is situated (Seguku,along Kampala-Entebbe Highway) couldn’t access water as it wasn’t covered by the national water sewerage corporation so the community came up with the water harvesting & filter tank project. Now, the 20.000ltr helps the community around to store water for the dry season. Recently, representatives from SHE visited the project and were glad to report back that the neighborhood where “Paul” is located is using purified water now for consumption


In 2015, SHE offered sponsorship to a couple of members. Sophie Eve and Rachael were able to attend the GERMAN COURSE at the GOETHE ZENTRUM institute. Phiona’s tuition at the university as well as provision of upkeep was paid on time. Baraka who is studying at Green stars secondary school was also catered for in terms of school fees.

Eve’s travel to Germany to process her work documents was a success all thanks to SHE. She traveled to Germany at the beginning of 2015.


For every office to run it needs to be financed. Electricity and water bills where met as well as rent on a monthly basis. Other office expenses that we incurred are; slashing the office compound monthly, buying bottled water for office use, plumbing services among others.


Loans were given out to a number of SHE members. Sumayiah received a loan to help her invest in her business; Becky Kasumba got a loan for her women’s organization to start up the brick selling business project. Other SHE members that got loans include Sophie, Prudence, Eve, Salome who is currently doing her “au pair” service and also volunteered under Weltweit e.V in a catholic kindergarten school in Berlin, Germany under the facilitation of S.H.E. In addition to that, all SHE members do get transport facilitation/refunds whenever they are involved in office activities, programs or travel.

Screening of Volunteeers

On 12th January 2016, we conducted a screening interview of the preselected volunteers that successfully applied for the “Weltwaerts” exchange program under SHE. These three applicants who met the requirements of being well trained in the German language and having completed successfully thirteen years of school (A’ level, High School) were invited; Cathy, Samuel and Sarah.
Our team from SHE conducted the screening process. Ms. Phiona (Student of Forensic Psychology and author of our questionnaire) asked them a few questions to test their approach and general perception of the program, Ms. Sumaya’s task (a Moslem Woman) was to find out their tolerance and perception towards religion, Ms. Sophie (General Secretary of SHE) briefed the applicants on the general expectation and activities of SHE. Later in the day, with the help of Ms. Mercy (another SHE-member and social worker student) , the applicants cooked together. This was meant to test the ‘team work’ and observe their behavior meanwhile cooking. We later all dined together. An over view report of the entire program was presented to the Director, SHE who was impressed.

The Team

meet the awesome team at SHE that work tirelessly to make dreams come true


Team Member

Timat is a teacher in Geography, she grew up in Karamoja and worked with different NGOs in Northern Uganda and Somalia


Team Member

Phiona joined S.H.E. in 2014 and is currently studying forensic psychologie at Makerere University. S.H.E. office is co-sponsoring her tuition fees


General Secretary

Sophie Betty Amayo General Secretary, S.H.E. Sophie is a 25 year old diploma holder in journalism. She believes in team work, loves touring and socializing



Esther founded this c.b.o. back in 2008 during a mission with MSF in Northern Uganda. She is a registered Nurse working worldwide with IRCA

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